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TH -101 – This Is The Life

This course is designed to help you get your heart established in the grace of God and help you get other’s hearts established in the grace of God.

Foundation Scripture: Hebrews 13:9

“Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines.
For it is good that the heart be established by grace…”NKJV

“So do not be attracted by strange, new ideas. Your strength comes from God’s grace…”NLT

Class session titles in this course:

  • Deficient Or Sufficient?
  • Condition Or Position?
  • Change Or Exchange?
  • Follow Or Abide?
  • Law Or Grace? – Part 1
  • Law Or Grace? – Part 2
  • Positive Thinking Or Correct Thinking?
  • Self-esteem Or Self Denial?
  • Flesh Or Spirit?
  • Same Or Different?
  • Produce Or Reproduce?
  • This is the LIfe Exam Review

Required for this course:


Book: Click on the “This Is The Life” to purchase the book. 

This Is The Life

By: Ken Legg

12 Video Lessons online

(10 hours of Biblical Teaching)

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TH -102 – The Identity Driven Life 

Helping students deal with issues of the past or any form of addiction from an identity driven (who you are in Christ) perspective is the purpose of this course.

TH -103 – Your Identity in Christ 
This course will explain the importance of knowing who you are in Christ, and dig deep into God’s Word in eight areas of your identity in Christ. When you understand who you really are in Christ, it will change the way you live your life.

TH-104 – Unveiling Jesus 

This course will help you behold Jesus in His amazing grace and give you a better understanding of Grace and Truth vs. religion.
Once you gain a better understanding of God’s kind of righteousness, you will begin to walk in His rest and peace.

BI-104 – John: Grace & Truth Manifested 

This course will help you get a greater revelation of Jesus as Grace & Truth manifested and help you understand Jesus’ love for you so that you grow in your love for Him.

BI-106 – Romans: Righteousness Revealed
This course will help you get established in the foundations of the Gospel of Grace which Paul taught and preached, so you can get rooted in the revelation of the righteousness of God which comes by faith.

BI-109 – Galatians: Apostolic Foundations 
This is a verse by verse study into the strongest epistle by the Apostle Paul in defense of the gospel of God’s grace. It explains the importance of staying free from the law and walking in the spirit.

BI-110 Ephesians: A Glorious Church 
This course is a verse by verse study into the riches of God’s grace in our identity in Christ, and the practical application of who we are and what we have in Christ. It will help you understand God’s amazing redemptive plan for us, to help you to sit, walk and stand in God’s amazing plan.

BI-119 – Hebrews: New Covenant, New Glory
The book of Hebrews was written to Christian Jews who were wanting to go back to Judaism because of persecution. This course explains how Jesus and the New Covenant with it’s better promises, is so much better than all the things under the Old Covenant of Law.